I came up with another clever idea. I called it „triggers”. It’s about things we have to do, but which are too trivial or appear too fast to even take note or make a task in todo. In addition todo doesn’t always help as some tasks have to be done outside the house, at specific time, sometimes with specific people, and sometimes in specific mood. How on earth we are supposed to manage them to appear particularly at time, on place and in mood they should? No note-system, alarm clocking or outside reminders are able to do it, and here my new idea comes in. I divided things which should trigger what we want to do into four categories: Time, place, people/things, events. I imagine it as array with two rows and two columns. The triggers are particular examples of time, place, people/things or events. For example, if I need to tell somebody about something, I put a note under the category of people/things – „Mr. X – tell Y”. On the top level of the category appears number 1, which is the number of things this category contains. The number is for double checking I won’t forget about anything. Then I make an anchor (NLP thing) for an event (down the road they’re all events, aren’t they?) of meeting Mr. X. The whole system is supposed to trigger the note when I meet Mr. X.

A lot of triggers can be in more than one category, which is even more common than one-category event. For example you have to tell Mr. X your Y thing, but only if you both are alone. Then we have to cross categories – people/things and events. I decided to place the numbers on top of each categories involved. It may seem complicated a bit on paper, but in my head it’s plain and clear (especially that crossed categories are difficult to explain in writing, but it’s a piece of cake when you have as three dimensional and unrestrained environment at disposal as your brain).
Important thing: I have to refresh information once in a while to keep all data in place. Secondly, It’s important to start small and build it up along the way to handle more and more data.



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